Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Disturbing morning news

Contains three hours negotiating a 16 years old girl to convince not to commit suicide in Irbid because her family prevented her from continuing her studies and a 33 years old man was charged with the premeditated murder of his mother.

What a negative news to read before heading to bed after night long of work, now I'm afraid I'm going to commit suicide in my dreams.

An advice for my fellow bloggers, keep an eye on the news for new suicide so you can decide whether you should open a new category in your blog and name it Suicide in town or not.

Not sure if you can handle one more piece of news even if it wasn't as disturbing as the above but but I rejoined Twitter and you can follow me and you still can take this blog reader & visitor survey

Good night, wish me good dreams! and good morning to those who didn't even wake up yet!


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