Sunday, April 12, 2009

How does the SOCKScription work?

It’s very simple:

  • You choose which kind of socks you want and how often you want them delivered (e.g. 3 pairs of calf socks 3 times a year)

  • You place the sockscription in your shopping basket and submit your order

  • Next, you receive 3 pairs of socks by letter post

  • 4 months later, you receive 3 pairs of socks by letter post

  • 8 months later, you receive 3 pairs of socks by letter post

  • 11 months later, you decide whether you would like us to renew your sockscription by means of one simple mouse click

  • 12 months later, your sockscription will be renewed as requested

Of course, there are important things to note!

  • Important: All prices include postage worldwide; there are no additional charges

  • The socks are sent by letter post so you don’t have to collect a package from the post office

  • One sockscription lasts 1 year

  • You can order more than 3 deliveries a year

  • You receive two reminder emails and decide whether you want to renew your sockscription More than 40,000 customers from 74 countries have placed their trust in our sockscription

  • Our online business has been operating successfully since 1999

GOD! I want that business idea where people become so dependent on me, where people cannot live without my service and/or product.

Is it armpit screening within HR departments? but in time of recession managers might ask their HR managers to screen armpits themselves instead of outsourcing it or maybe they would skip it as your scent isn't the most important success or keep-alive factor during recession!

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