Friday, February 6, 2009

Superman Goes Shopping

(In my store, it’s store policy to check credit cards for signatures; if they’re not signed, we must see ID.)

Me: May I see your card, please?
Customer: Why?
Me: Your card is not signed sir, and I have to check IDs if there’s no signature.
Customer: I know it’s not signed, and it’s not going to be signed.
Me: That’s fine, sir - I just have to check your ID then.
Customer: Here. shows ID
Me: Okay, thank you - sign the machine please.
Customer: How do you know that’s me in the ID? He has glasses on and I don’t.
Me: Sir, it looks like you.
Customer: But I don’t have glasses on.
Me: Okay then - I’m sorry, but this isn’t valid proof of ID. I can’t take it, which means you can’t use this card.
Customer: Oh, well - it’s me, I was just trying to help you out.
Me: I’m sorry sir, but you have convinced me otherwise. I cannot take it.
Customer: What? It’s me!
Me: I know…it’s you. I was just trying to help you out.

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