Thursday, November 20, 2008

Royal Jordanian Airline joke

A young lawyer on a business trip, in the lounge at Heathrow Terminal 3 waiting his next flight, he noticed a really beautiful lady reading a book next to him.

He thought to himself: 'Wow, she's so gorgeous she must be a flight attendant. But which airline does she work for?'
Hoping to pick her up, he leaned towards her and said the Delta Airline slogan: 'Love to fly and it shows?'
She gave him a confused look and he immediately thought to himself:
'Damn, she doesn't work for Delta Airlines.'

A moment later, another slogan popped into his head.
He leaned towards her again, 'Something special in the air?'
She gave him the same confused look. He then removed Singapore Airlines off the list.
Next he tried the Thai Airways slogan: 'Smooth as Silk.'

This time the woman turned to him 'What the hell do you want?'

The lawyer smiled, then lay back in his chair, and said 'Ahhhhh, ROYAL JORDANIAN!!

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  1. LOOOOOOL great, each year I pay like 400$ more on my ticket to avoid flying with RJ

  2. :D

    fekrak they have guns mshan "ytukhu" yalli bi3azzeb? :D

  3. @anas,
    Waaal! are they that bad? I only tried them once and they were good but it was my first flying expeirence too!

    Yeah, I know it's bit annoying but the good news is that I'm only experminting it.



    I'm sure you can tell better jokes about RJ :-)

  4. cruel but funny. Never had rude RJ flight attendants, maybe the baggage handlers and the desk clerks.

  5. @anas

    I think RJ is good, I tried Fly Emarites and RJ. I am satisfied that I got on both

  6. Sounds funny but I have never flew Royal Jordanian.

  7. hahahaha

    I *heart* RJ! :D