Wednesday, November 5, 2008

CNN doing the first "Holy" Hologram

And Jessica Yellin is the first one to be hologram-ed!

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  1. i hate to burst your bubble .. but CNN didn't really do holograms ... the images were available on the monitor but the presenters in the studios did not actually see them (which makes it not a hologram).

    However, if you are interested, Cisco made a successful demo of hologram technology about a year ago.

  2. Za3tar
    How did you know that? the presenter didn't mention anything about that.

  3. Jad:
    They were toying with a similar technology to project the congress and the senate seats in a holographic fashion on air earlier that night and it crashed on them :-) and they said that they weren't really seeing that congress hologram in the studio.

    Also, the last point in this article mentions that they weren't really seeing that hologram in the studio:

    However, Cisco did demo an actual hologram earlier this year or last year. Here is a video:

  4. Za3tar, the technology you talked about has been with us for quite a while. Th Giz explains what they think is happening and the actually only suspect that the images are not actually projected.

    Bill Gates was beamed in about 6 months back in 3 times normal size. It is becoming more common.