Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is my reading trends, what's yours?

  1. Planet Ubuntu

  2. Failblog

  3. Jazarah!

  4. ArseTechnica

  5. Ubuntu Arabic

  6. Sunni Sister

  7. Official Google blog

  8. 7ajeh Kinzi blog

  9. Naseem

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  1. Shu khalto Jad, shuruftni!! 3,6,8 I share, but will try the others to stretch my technosaur habits. :)

  2. dude...i should at least be in the top 5 :-D

    i gotta start posting technology stuff :-D

  3. I stopped clicking on blogs directly. I just have Qwaider Planet RSS feed on my sidebar, and I click posts only based on the title!

    I always try to figure out who wrote a particular post before I click, in about a year I've only been right twice :D

  4. Kinzi
    haha :D
    Maybe they are ranked like this because they post more often :-)

    Dude, don't even think of it, first you will create a vacuum in local political sphere, second you might ruin the technospher :p

    Hani Obaid
    It's almost impossible to guess especially with personal blogs like mine because we do not have a theme, first post could be religious but followed with porno post or something even nastier LoL :-)