Friday, September 12, 2008

Ubuntu Cyclists Team on LP

This is why I love Ubuntu and this is why I love the community behind it.
This is my first try with the logo and I think it's the best I can give.
Ubuntu Cyclists Group
For more information check Consilience blog
Maybe later we can participate in world triathlon ?
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  1. Looks great!
    Do you have a SVG of it I could use? Or maybe just the sizes I need for the LP branding? 14x14px, 64x64px, and 192x192px
    Well done!

  2. I hope you have permission from Gerry Carr for that logo!

  3. Vadim P
    I guess we have to take off Ubuntu logo and keep the cyclist with circles in Ubuntu colors to avoid any copyright infringement

  4. I just wanted to point out that I first saw a black duck in this logo. Could just be me, but I was thinking "Ducks Unlimited" Ubuntu Team.