Thursday, September 4, 2008

I will start by quoting website on Fixed ADSL.

high connection speed with no interruption.
I wouldn't call it a high speed but the highest we decided to offer you in the Kingdom because we do not look at providing a better Internet infrastructure as a national strategy, we are a company with one goal, Making money.

And with no interruption here means as long as we do not have problem but be sure that we will interrupt your connection and we will blame Hashim One for that and we will interrupt your connection once we notice you reaching your download limit.
Yes, Internet means freedom but if you want it then you have to pay for it.

flexible: you can make and receive telephone calls while they are online.
You will also have the chance to use our expensive land-line while surfing the Internet.

possibility to choose any ISP.
Although it's your freedom to choose any ISP but you will have to pay for switching and that because we decided to monetize every in and out in and out.

10 times quicker than a regular internet connection.
Apparently our copywriter copied this from our very first offer because this was intended to be a clue for the dial up users.

Technically speaking someone can sue them for such phrase because they are promising customers with a connection that's 10 time faster than regular Internet connection and ADSL has been the definition of regular Internet connection for a while.

simultaneously surf the internet while using the telephone or sending a fax.
Repeating themselves again.

ADSL has a fixed monthly fee with no time restriction or download volume limitation.
isn't the Download volume limitation the same of download cap ?

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