Monday, August 4, 2008

Working from coffee places has many advantages especially if you do your work from home but sometimes it just sucks because you have to drive and in Amman it means you have to swear at about 10% 90% of drivers around you.

Today I decided to work from Donuts Factory because I like it, it's Jordanian brand which means I'm supporting local business instead of international chains, it's usually quite place and they have decent Internet connection but today things were different.

It seems some teens were running out of school and hanging there for their secret date and as Arab they genetically speaks shouts and yell without noticing that I can blog their story.

Moral of the story to the point, BE AWARE OF BLOGGERS AROUND YOU!

Actually I'm aware of their relationship now and I can tell if it's going to work or not, I know some stuff about their families but I didn't like the girl when she stated that she hates her mother as for the guy, he's melting down for a kiss although world doctors wouldn't recommend kissing that monster girl.

On the other side I just noticed that I haven't blog for a while and now I'm back to the habit, maybe I should thank the couples and buy them some condoms coffee

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