Sunday, August 3, 2008

Some quick updates

Wow, I just noticed that I did not blog since 14 of June, anyway here is a quick update of what I'm currently involved in and what making me really busy

  1. Ubuntu Arabic Team Finally our website is up and running but our road map still have loads of todos to get in shape

  2. We're about to finalize remaining legal issues regarding National Open Source office

  3. I started to hate programming or is it programmer pms?

  4. A small network solutions based on Ubuntu in the Kingdom received a threat and some sort of bribe discounts to sell Microsoft products instead which means we have a task for the National Open Source Office lawyer, oh we don't have a lawyer yet!

  5. I should blog about my MOTU journey

  6. I should find a way to organize my mental state with the loads of different type of works

  7. Jordan LoCo is idle in summer, believe me it's too hot out there to do any kind of activities.

  8. Cycling to the lowest point on earth during summer is a bad idea!

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  1. Hi Jad,
    you may want to consult Software Freedom Law Center and/or ask on
    #sflc on
    they may provide something to help you on the path of getting legal advice

  2. Kevin Mark
    Interesting, thanks for the tip, I should contact them soon.