Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thumbs up: Toshiba Jordan

I'm a believer and I do believe in miracles, my laptop is back to life with the generous help of Toshiba Jordan - SMS Group, they replaced the mother board, the keyboard and planning to change the HDD TOO!

I really have no idea how or what happened to my laptop, first two keys weren't responding at all so I thought it's just the keyboard and the day I went to SMS the LCD died, again I have no idea why would that happen, I have strong faith in Toshiba Tecra laptops and having a keyboard issue might be because I use it heavily and maybe my big fat fingers and again maybe.

Anyway, Today Toshiba Jordan called me telling me that my laptop is ready now after replacing the keyboard and the mother board and they told me that they're think that my H.D.D is dying too so they ordered a new one from Toshiba Europe and meanwhile I can use my laptop.

Toshiba Jordan - SMS Group, You saved my life once again :-) THANK YOU guys and WELCOME BACK SASHA

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  1. sounds like Saja :/ but again, this is the flue talking

  2. Mabrook. Now you can take the money you saved and buy camera equipment with it. :D

  3. Chika
    LoL although I didn't get what do you mean :p

    No way! I should save & invest; maybe I can buy google within three million years :p

  4. How much did you pay for the repairs? A little fortune?

  5. Tololy
    Nothing at all, my laptop is covered with decent Toshiba warranty