Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rants - I Realized. EH!

I realized that

  1. Voluntary work might turn into business

  2. Keeping the spirit of voluntary work while doing business is impossible

  3. closing your voluntary work circuit by opening a business needs funding

  4. hunting for investors is hard but drawing their attention is easy

I have also realized that

  1. I did not buy a lighter for quite long time, Sorry guys for stealing your lighters

  2. getting busy helps in quitting smoking

  3. girls are mean *I realized that before and I'm emphasising it here*

  4. blogspher is biased, a very untrusted source of news and information

  5. When inviting someone, you should keep your doors open and the same if you are visiting, check if their doors are open

  6. There are plenty of ideas to make money without leaving lovely Jordan, but they needs money too

  7. That Turkish taught Syrian the secret of serving good meals so we better hunt for Turkish rather than Syrian, Tamam afandem?

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  1. ok, so its good you are quitting smoking!

  2. Yep, Girls are mean
    But I'm happy for you that you're quitting smoking. That's the best thing ever man :)

    Good luck

  3. walak number 5 is for whom? ME?! heek sheklo ya jad ..

  4. why are they mean tayeb?? sho 3emloolak?

  5. Lilly
    Of course it's good.

    Why birds fly? why do we breath? lots of why that doesn't have an answer but this is how God created it.

    not yet but I hope it will work this time.

    Dude, get me that banner design or I will torture you.

    Look in the mirror

  6. i looked ans o saw a cute tall girl :) what's ur point?

  7. Maioush
    El gerd b3ain umo '3azal fa kaif be 3eno ?