Saturday, April 12, 2008

Losing identity - Flickr goes video

I have been a flickr member since 2004 and a pro member since 2005 with total payments of $99.80 for their pro account, I used to love and respect flickr because they have that solid identity of photographer base, a place where you you can upload your photos and receive comments from good photographers, a place where you can view seriously professional photo streams and enjoy socializing with photographers at the same time.

Recently flickr decided to go video so now it's a photo and video sharing website which to me means they lost their identity and my passion to them, honestly flickr now is just like any other Web 2.0 bubble that we are witnessing.

I understand that they needed to expand their market and community but does that mean adding video to their service? I wonder why they did not launch a new website and kept flickr identity safe.

seems like social networks rise and fall just like nations and I believe flickr is falling now.

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  1. Jad..

    Flickr are being clever about this. They allow only user created videos that are maximum 90 seconds long. They call them "long photos"..

    It's risky and yes it will piss "photo purists" like you off :-)

    But I think that they might be sufficiently differentiated from other video sites with their "long photo" concept.

    What's really funny is that you can find blog posts from 2005 that ask "is youtube the flickr of videos?".

    Flickr was sold to Yahoo for around US$ 30 million. While YouTube went on to be sold for billions to Google.

    Makes you think..