Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Automation played a good role in my life, I learned to code because I needed to automate some tasks rather than falling in love with it but I fallen in love with it later, nevertheless.

Automation is lovely only when you build it but not when you have to use someone's automation tool because basically you will end up in author mental state else it means you didn't understand how it works but do we need to understand how things works? do all of us have to love figuring things out or is it enough to get the task done even without understanding how it works?

Brewing coffee is an automated process now, you only have to buy the coffee, put some in your coffee machine wait and then drink it, see? it is an automated process but do we need to automate the remaining processes? but then it would sound like a magic and that is exactly what we call it Automagically which supposedly means combining and/or grouping steps into one automagical step or a group of automagical steps which later will be combined into one single magical step.

Automation is good, your breathing is automated, imagine if you had to think and put a plan for your daily dose of oxygen of if you had to talk to your computer in binary if you had to read this post in binary, isn't that automation? at least in the big picture of it?

Lazy programmers created tools to automate their tasks and this is how most of creative programs intended to be, a solution for a lazy programmer.

One of the first computer filesystem that ever exists was created by a programmer who were so lazy to go to his company's office so he wrote it to work from home and then it was adapted as a solution and most of its parts came to life as a commercial package.

Automation isn't a technical term although it's taken as one, Automation is doing a task or couple of tasks once you call for it which means if you automate calling for it you will end up with an infinite loop of your automated tasks because it's linked with another automated call for the automated task.

NOTE: The author is trying to convince himself of automation, Again.

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  1. ==
    Lazy programmers created tools to automate their tasks and this is how most of creative programs intended to be, a solution for a lazy programmer.
    Yes Jad, and this what I keep saying to people who use .NET. Where is the art of programming and joy of development or web authoring and design, when all you need to make a program or a website like this is a couple of drags and drops and that's it.. your application is up and running?

    Personally, I believe that programming is a type of art, and it MUST be treated like one. So, just the same as the guy who cooks a cup of ready noodles, and then claims that he's a professional chef, is a liar, the programmer who creates a huge program with just a couple of drags and drops, then claims he's an excellent programmer, is a huge liar as well..! :)

    Good evening Jad, I miss you man!
    And is there any sort of future events at JoLUG or Ubuntu JoLoCo??
    ===> Sorry if I was harsh or anything..

  2. Omer
    Do you think YOU can prepare for some Penguinized event at Yarmouk University?

    Owwiii, I didn't know it's that bad; anyway it's one of brain2blog kind of posts :-)

  3. I am a test automation engineer and i agree with you completely. Automation helps me a lot in my work.

    An automated test script could save me hundred of hours sometimes. :)