Saturday, February 16, 2008

Six actions every person should accomplish before turning 18

Thanks for the tag MommaBean, if you want to check the rules and other stuff check MommaBean tag post

Here is my six actions every person should accomplish before turning 18.

  1. File immigration application *before it's too late*

  2. it's ok if s/he want to try out universities here until they process the immigration application

  3. receives his residency approval

  4. buy a ticket to his new home

  5. Enjoy establishing a new life with a high standards

  6. get what he deserve and never look back again.

I tag Jano, Sharkouseh, tooteh, Sari, dadan and bakkouz

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  1. oh my GOD! you cracked me up with this post.. I thought number one would talk about immigration and the other 5 would be separate.. umm but this is cool, so you have the whole process planned here :D

  2. Simply Me
    The rule says *should* so I *had* to be honest about it ;)

  3. /me runs around in circles, tagged! tagged! tagged!... en3aj2et lol

  4. looooooooooooooooooooooool very funny :P maybe i cant do this act coz i odnt have ideas :P