Thursday, February 28, 2008

How do we use The Internet?

In Jordan,

  1. We visit Facebook & Hi5 more than Wikipedia

  2. Visit blogger more than Addastour newspaper

  3. gets information from more than aljazeera

  4. consume bandwidth on pornography but not CNN or educational sites

more astonishing statistics by


  1. Since we spend more on cigarettes than Health Care, we would hate to break the trend!

  2. This why if you speak to an 18 year old in the Middle East, you'd find him/her much less intellectual than an 18 year old in the west. It's not because they dont have knowledge, they do but they're just not exposed to it or pushed up on it as much as here.... sad because our curriculum is more advanced and tougher to grasp and we have some SMART people. We just dont build on it, helloooo!? lol

  3. Maf3oos
    For Jad sake change your nickname LoL it's funnier than I thought.
    & I agree with you.

    True but what makes someone smart?