Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dear Lord

We're going to ship horrible product and you're setting unrealistic deadlines and QA always gets the shaft and do we support Inernet Explorer 7 and my credibility is on the line here and Jesus Christ didn't we learn our last time please I hate HTML and this developer keeps on diddling with shit

#Rands rule of the software management #27: If someone is going to freak out, it's going to be on Monday.

That was a quote taken out of Managing Human book; you can never feel bored while reading this book.

Lemme quote Joel Spolsky on her feedback about it

What you're holding in your hands is by far the most brilliant book about managing software teams you're ever going to find. If you are in a bookstore, buy it immediately, take it home and read it right now. If you've found this book on a friend's bookshelf,m steal it immediately. you don't have time to get to a bookstore, and you can always make new friends later.

I just cannot be more expressive than Joel, GO GET THIS BOOK

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