Thursday, January 10, 2008

Your best story with Noisy people

Have we accomplished all of our goals? or is it part of our goals that we would put in our resumes.

The story would start when someone start thinking of your current life, future even more than your mother, more than you! it takes more than the capacity of Noisy to describe such people and interference in your life, rest assured there is always someone thinking of you and what you do and there is someone tracking you even thought they are not authorized to do so.

Dare to blog about your best story with noisy people? mentioning real names? or you don't have it if that would cause a crisis; Now you could call me Noisy Jad for putting my nose in your story with the noisy people.

[tags] real names, interference, resumes, best story [/tags]


  1. it is NOSY or NOSEY Ya mu7taram.

    Noisy= Muz3ij/a

  2. what if the interference and the "nosiness" is out of good intentions ??

  3. Noisy as in making too much noise or Noisy as in annoying you mean? hehe I got a good bunch, and you know a specific one :D

  4. shosmak
    Although I wasn't sure if I should publish your comment with this nickname; maybe you should consider another nickname for your next commnet on this blog. anyway thanks for the spelling tip, you do much better than firefox spell checker.

    This is more problematic because you can always be tough and stop nosy people with bad intention but sometimes you have to respect the good intention of the other person; however that doesnt make it acceptable.

    as in annoying and interfering in your life.