Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ubuntu Gutsy - Skype Microphone

Linux is awesome, everything is editable, everything is always under user control; however sometimes it takes sometime to figure out how to tweak certain application or fix something.

I just installed Ubuntu Gusty on my laptop and there are two major problems, the first was solved and I'm sharing the fix in this post which was related to Skype sound, specifically the capture, my second problem is with my internal card read which for some reason it wasn't recognized, will update you later with the fix *hopefully*

How to fix Skype sound

Run gnome-volume-control go to Edit -> Preferences and then tick the free tracks

Edit /etc/esound/esd.conf and make sure it look like this one

spawn_options=-terminate -nobeeps -as 1
# default options are used in spawned and non-spawned mode

Restart the advance sound system ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture)
sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart

In my case, with my HDA Intel card my problem were solved with the above simple steps, if your didn't work try this one Debugging Sound Problems

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  1. I like Linux too, but I am not very helpful when it comes to fixing things.

    Anyway, thanks for the skype fix, I'm sure it will help many through googling it and I hope you find a solution for the second problem.

  2. Jad,
    Thank you so much for your info. My microphone is now working in Skype.

  3. Nanalin,
    You are welcome :-)