Thursday, December 6, 2007

A free advertising that works

Your blogger business card, basically once you sign up you get a blogger business card, you drop it at other blogs and receive credit; you can also buy advertising on any blog on EntreCard network using credit you have earned by dropping your card or when someone drop his card on yours.
Simply amazing idea and it works.

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  1. hmm.. I thought I'd make real ones before bas this is easier!

  2. Lets us know how it goes in 6 months :)
    It appears to be another get-rich-quick-scam. So be careful my friend

  3. Chika
    yala make this one.

    Not at all my friend, you wont make money out of EntreCard but you make a credit that you could use to advertise on the network.
    it's something like recycling the bandwidth.

  4. Entrecard is doing good so far. I have been receiving quality traffic since I joine almost 2 weeks ago.