Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cycling against Landmines - From Lake Geneva to The Dead Sea - From Lake Geneva to The Dead Sea, Armin Köhli's New Cycling Challenge

4800 Km by Bike across 13 Countries

The double amputee and exceptional cyclist
Armin Köhli takes on the challenge of a 4800 km
bike tour across Europe and the Middle East.

He will leave from Geneva at the beginning
of October and arrive in Jordan on November 18th,
where the 8th Meeting of State Parties to the Ottawa
Convention against land mines is due to take place.

By accomplishing this feat, Armin Köhli hopes
to raise public and media awareness of the fight
against the scourge of land mines, which causes
15'000 victims every year worldwide, including
a great many children. To this end, events are being
planned along the course to allow Armin Köhli to meet
young people, mine victims and political and media
representatives in different countries.

The project is timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the Ottawa Treaty banning the use, production and transfer of landmines.

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  1. Pictures through Armin's trip until Turkey: