Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What Eid holiday would get you?

Minus 250 JOD
Plus 37 missed call
A 394 unread item in my Google Reader.
A 17 unread email in my inbox.
A 7 unfinished todos and two late milestones :D

I think we need to have couple of days off after such warming holiday.

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  1. Here's my list:
    + 100 dollars
    - 200 dollars
    + 37 people missed MY call
    + 10 cups of coffee
    + 1 maybe 2 pounds
    + realization that I don't like kids
    - 3 hours forcibly listening to recaps of bab il 7ara at every gathering

  2. Solution: carry your laptop with you while you are visiting relatives for the Eid.

  3. well, maybe we need a two day vacation from our 3 day vacation.
    il 7ag 3ala meen?

  4. Wallahy the best thing I did is send one sms to all my contacts - never replied to phone calls wala checked smss! My phones went koko & am not mean bas I couldn't take it - I need more holidays actually :$

  5. Is it equal to about $300??
    You see I didn't loose or gain any money..Didn't miss any calls, had imitation of a ma3moul.. Am up to date in everything else..Made a couple of calls home that will probably total $25 and that's about it!!
    Soooo, I envy you ,it's good to be you.. You have enjoyed the spirit of Eid and inshallah you will recover the money and catch up on the rest..Are u going to read all the things u missed?? ignore them all and start fresh:D

  6. Ahaaaaaaaaaaaa, so you're into python. Now I can sterotype you :D

  7. asoom
    3 hours forcibly listening to recaps of bab il 7ara at every gathering LoL, people were talking about Bab Al-7ara and why Helayel announced Al-Eid without seeing the crescent and they forgot that his name is Heyalel! a tiny Helal :-)

    haha, well it wont work but you know what, maybe I should encourage them to have a facebook account and then I can create Eid-Greetings application :p


    How did you manage to avoid all of that ? and no I cannot start fresh, got to read most of it.

    Hani Obain
    LoL, good one

  8. It's circumstances, all my family is back home in Beirut..
    Hope you're catching up on your reading :)