Friday, October 5, 2007

On Yahoo! Movies

Yahoo! Movies has a very smart recommendation system, it's based on your rate movies you watch, I'm not sure how their system work but I believe it has something to do with your personal taste and available genres .

I have 64 rated movies only and based on that rating they are awesomely able to predict if I'm if a movie would fit my taste or not, it's very accurate and I like it and recently started to check if a movie going to fit my taste before heading down town to buy the pirate DVD copy of it.

Using Yahoo! movies is useful even if you are not addicted, using it helped me to watch quality and tasty movies, they also have a weekly recommendation newsletter which will always have something worthy to watch.

Finally Yahoo! has something to do in my e-life and not google.

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  1. ...before heading down town to buy the pirate DVD copy of it.

    At least you're honest about it. :)

  2. Netflix does the same thing but I've found them to be on the weak side they basically just recommend other stuff in that genre that got high ratings, it's very personalized in my opinion. I've never tried yahoo

  3. i agree man!

    Yahoo movies are great..they tell you what to watch and what not to watch.

    i remember one time when i didnt listen to them and went to the movies to watch The devil's Reject!! (which sucks so much)

  4. Dave
    I'm honest bluffer.

    Never tried NetFlix but it doesn't seems promising system, Yahoo! rocks you got to try it out.

    Don't remind me please, actually the gained my trust after watching couple of movies that they DID NOT recommend, it was a total regret man, and since then I follow their recommendation and I always try to be as accurate as I can when rating a movie.