Friday, October 12, 2007

Donations to our friend Bakkouz during Al-Eid

Couple of days ago my friend bakkouz went back home to find his apartment in Aqaba stolen, everything was upside down, to make it short he lost his Computer case (which is the computer not the microwave), TV, DVD and theifs tried to unplug his brand new A.C but apparently they couldn't take it and they just break it.

For sure, bakkouz will suffer now; I can't imagine him staying in his apartment without a TV, DVD player or a computer.

So we (Ala Dadan and I ) are collection donation during al eid to bring the smile back to Bakkouz face.

please contact Ala Dadan or me if you want to donate some money, every piastre count guys.

Thank you


  1. lol, sorry to hear about the burglary bakkouz!

    eid mubarak

  2. I feel bad for him..

    Happy Eid to you and thank you for stopping by my blog:)

  3. Nas
    Why laughing my friend? donate 50 JOD instead :-)

    Your blog is cool, I'm glad I found it lately :-)
    and thanks for stopping by :-)

  4. ya allah ma3gool? sho hal 7az had .....:( la 7awel ellah

  5. Because you are his friends, maybe you should help him. But I can't donate because he's "without a TV, DVD player or a computer"! Other people are in more need man.