Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What if zipper is down ?

What would you do ? would you tell the person that his/her fly is open? if it was you would you want someone to alert you or you will feel the heat as if you and your zipper are the major focus of attention by the whole world?

Would you alert the person in a polite and less embarrassing way ? or would you want to make fun out of it ? and by the way, I'm asking what would you do if the open fly's person is a friend or not.

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  1. Yes I would, and I did..

    My French language teacher in school thought I wanted to answer the question he just asked when I raised my hand, he pointed at me to go on, and it went out: "teacher, your zipper is down" :D (It was funnier at that moment)

  2. Nothing embarrassing about it, unless your friend is hanging out!
    Personally, i would want people to alert me. Get laughed on in one place better than everywhere!

  3. Whether a friend or not, Of course telling them is the decent thing to do, as long as it is done discreetly.

  4. I usually tell the person that his/her garage door is open...