Thursday, September 27, 2007

RSS Feed URL has changed

To my million subscriber, I have changed my RSS feed URL, now I'm using Feedburner.

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Hope this will double it into two millions *wink*
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  1. Feedburner is really evil. I recommend against it!
    Your hits are actually not associated with you. For example. If someone is referring to an article that YOU have written, it will be referring to Feedburner and not your blog.

    I know you have your reasons, but trust me on this one. Please reconsider

  2. I had some difficulties reaching your site today, I hope this has nothing to do with the new RSS

  3. Does this mean you'll post more? :)

  4. Qwaider
    I don't think they're evil at least because google just acquired them and I do trust google.

    Please elaborate, what kind of difficulties ? any error popped up?

    Want me to stop blogging ? Am I that annoying ? :p

  5. fatal error on line 17** something in the blogpost i belive, but Its gone now.