Monday, September 3, 2007

Hey there Khalilah

Lyrics by: Remy
Music by: Plain White Ts
Hey there, Khalilah, what's it like in Baghdad City?
I'm 3,000 miles away but girl tonight you're looking pretty
Can't you see?
You're looking really hot, baby. Literally.

Hey there, Khalilah, I am at my latest booking
But I'm writing you tonight to say how much I miss your cooking
So I sob.
Wipe all my tears up with a mop. There's no kabob.

Oh, it's how you cook the meat. How you cook the meat.

Hey there Khalilah, you stay good and cook some coosa
Til I'm back there making money at the Improv in Falluja
Give it time.
I'm bombing really bad this time. No, not that kind.

Hey there, Khalilah, if I must eat one more Twinkie
Well I might just have to lick my arm and then bite off my pinky
What a scene. The only Arab food I see's
Attached to me

Oh, it's how you cook the meat. How you cook the meat.

3,000 miles is far away, but I just want kabob today
I'd eat it all up with a knife and fork.
Why am I so far from you? All they have here is bar-b-que
Which would be good except I don't eat pork.
The ketchup here is really bad, the mustard's not a deadly gas
This pizza box tastes better, that's for sure
And it's cardboard

Hey there, Khalilah, you're tahini on falafal
No, you're not sesame paste but girl I just can't eat without you
So you know. I'll have kabob when I get home.
And chug rose water like a pro
Cuz I do not like Domino's
Oh no I don't.

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  1. owhh i listen to this song more often than the original song..hahaha..i got my good buddy here name khalilah..she think this song is for her..hahaa

  2. i love this song!!! better than delilah

  3. Really fun listening to this song. Great video and Habib is really good lyrics writer.

  4. i absolutly love this video i dont every go on youtube without watching it orelse have it on in the background when im doing my homewoork

    its sooooooooo funny

    love it

  5. tnx for the txt m8 ;) now i can play it on my school :P

  6. its kebab, not kabob :P very nice song

  7. this is soo funny!
    i cant stop laughing!!!

  8. This song very much like me, I arab and I bomb, no not that kind hehehe. I do feel like some coosa but I wont make it to the improv at fallujah cant yo usee.

  9. Most grocery stores around here will double coupons up to $0.99. Why not $1?!