Tuesday, August 14, 2007

To LASIK or not to LASIK

Ok, it's no secret that I've been planning to do it and just one week ago I started to talk with some doctors about it and now I'm in doubt and I'm not sure if I should go for it or not

First it's hard to find a surgeon who can gain your trust because whenever you start talking about LAZIK to your doctor, the conversation will turn to a typical salesman/consumer conversation.

And most of doctors I met so far didn't like my long list of questions about LAZIK and about their experience with LAZIK; and they will get annoyed especially with a question like Excuse me doctor but you're wearing glasses, why not LAZIK yourself?

Nevertheless, I can put my trust on Jordanian doctors easily but I hate them when they wear the salesman hat.

On the other hand, each and everyone of them has his own theory on LAZIK procedure, some insist that it is the doctor experience that make things happen and some are kinda humble of facing the fact that it is the device and how new and tested it is rather than the doctor.

Maybe it's not to LAZIK or not to LAZIK but to find a surgeon who can gain your trust.

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