Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Small device

Been dreaming about a small device that

  1. Can get you connected through 802.11b/g Wireless network, Bluetooth.

  2. can run Ekiga, Skype, Gizmo, Opera, Pidgin.

  3. can display Gmail, Google calendar and almost any complex build website.

  4. would get you into video conference

  5. How about SSH access?

  6. and what about rsync ?

  7. maybe a cronjob?

  8. RSS feed reader?

  9. Can I watch ikbis, youtube please?

  10. would I be asking for much if I said MP3 player?

  11. I guess I should stop dreaming and wait for my geekest friend Basem Narmouq until he land with my Nokia N800

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