Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jolug at Jordan University

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  1. Does JoLug do any traning or support for Linux and Unix?

    I need training, i hardly know anything and i must excel in this, any idea?

  2. Yes, we do but not in the professional term of Training and Support, We do have weekly sessions at hosted and sponsored by IT University and we do help in various topics where possible on our mailing list on the other hand IT University offer decent Linux courses.

    The best way to get into GNU/Linux is to start using it as desktop which has never been easier than now with Ubuntu and Fedora and the best thing is to join your local lug and in your case we have Jolug attend to sessions and social gathering, nevertheless nothing beats having GNU/Linux friends.

  3. Jad,
    Here is the thing: Make Linux or the other 12312454 versions of it user friendly!

    FireFox is successful because it’s easy to use! Linux is not, and the first turn off is the fact that you have to choose from hundreds of builds (I’m aware that the new version Unbuntu Frown or something got it fixed) but the whole Linux thing is still for computer geeks.

    Tab hella fe Free CDs? Fee banat 7elween?

  4. Firas,
    Bekafeek nag 3al linux! ya 7aqd ya sahyouni! akeed el MS daf3enlak :p
    yes, we do have free ORIGINAL CDs and lots of chicks.