Saturday, December 16, 2006

Why such services still exists ?

Why such service providers like StatCounter, Webstats4u still exists ? especially when we have Google analytics that can handle five million pageviews month for free while others will lock you at 250.000?

not to mention the very professional and detailed information that Google Analytics can provide while others simply doesn't have it or lets compare google service reliability to other small providers like the mentioned above?

The question that I'm trying to answer is, Why such small providers still exists when the big are there and for free and Why people still uses and tries those service while we have Google analytics?

Weird isn't it ?


  1. Google Analytics doesn't provide up to the minute or second details. Some people need this stuff, and can't wait till next day to see the results. Especially if they're under attack or spam
    Additionally, Google analytics is by far more complex than many, WAAAY more complex. It's hard to make heads or tails of most of their reports since not everyone is a geek

  2. It worries me a bit that Google aims to collect and organise all of the world's data. Even though most of what they do is done brilliantly, and their corporate motto is 'do no evil', I think there is great potential for evil if some of the things they do are misused. Their scheme for archiving and indexing every piece of published literature, for example, is facing problems over copyright infringement: they take the high-handed stance of assuming that everything is free for the taking: copyright owners must explicity object if they do not want their stuff to be freely available.