Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Best motivation so far

to blog anonymously

Why do you write anonymously? I’ll never take anything you say seriously unless you’re willing to put your real name on it.

For all you know, everyone writes anonymously, but you just bought it when they signed their posts ‘Mark.’ The fact of the matter is that the name is only important when you’re an egomaniac that demands recognition for your work. I am not.

For me, the ideas presented are important and I could give a shit what the name is. If I said my name was Sissy McRealnamepants from New Jersey would that make anything I said more valid? Would that take the bite out? Is your opinion more important than mine because a bunch of people who couldn’t pick you out of a crowd know your name is Stacey?

Besides, artists have been using pen names and pseudonyms for generations now, so quit acting like this is some new phenomenon.

Mark Twain. Richard Bachman. Meatloaf. Leigh Nichols. Prince. Madonna. Lemony Snicket. J.K Rowling. Fiona Apple. Marilyn Manson. Nicolas Bourbaki. George Eliot.

All these names are either partially accurate or completely fake. I dare you to say with any seriousness that your blog which precisely documents how many times a day your cat pukes has more artistic merit than anything they’ve ever done simply because you were willing to write your real name on it.

Besides, I have already revealed my name all over this website. Anyone clever could figure it out.

and Why NOT to be a feminist

Do you have any idea what feminism really is? Women don’t exist solely for the purpose of being visually appealing to men, you know! Women don’t like to be objectified.

Oh reallllllyyyyy? Women don’t like being objectified? Then how do you explain:

Botox. Fake breasts. Lingerie. Tummy tucks. Face lifts. Hair care products. French manicures. Make-up. Suggestive dancing. Bikinis. Etc. Etc. Etc.

None of those things suggest that women like to be objectified? Oh wait, I forgot. All that stuff is empowering. My mistake.

This girl is making my day, Read her FAQs

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  1. On the first part, allow me to say one equation:
    You're either "Credible" OR "Anonymous", you need to choose
    In a mathematical formula:
    Credibility X Anonymity = Constant

  2. Gwaider,
    Interesting but are you talking from the Arabic mindset? I actually follow many anonymous bloggers (Some of them are Jordanian and Arab) and I found them very interesting and I creditable, I see no problem in creditability if you are anonymously blogging and in some cases you might be much more creditable as anonymous blogger than being identified.

  3. Picture it this way:
    Prime minister says, "We're raising Taxes"
    Mr X says, "The government is raising Taxes"
    Who has more credibility?
    Mr X might be the minister himself but you would believe people you know, figure heads that are not anonymous.
    Just a thought

  4. Well, how about
    Prime minister says, We ARE NOT raising Taxes would you believe him? I wont.

    anyway, I got your point but seems you didn't get mine, all I'm saying is being anonymous blogger doesn't and/or shouldn't make decrease creditability.

  5. If Shakespeare had not signed Hamlet, I'd say, "Aw, this is just garbage." But since he signed it William Shakespeare, I say, "Hey, this is really great stuff. It's by Shakespeare!"

  6. Self-indulgent youthful clap trap. She might be interesting when she gets older. Until then, there will be scores of emo-wanna-be idiots lapping it up. Clueless git...