Saturday, November 4, 2006

Vote for Geeky Partners!

I would like to ask you to take couple of minutes to read this the story of two amazing geeks!

Michael & Julie will have their wedding day sponsored by PayPerPost IF YOU VOTE FOR THEM you will be helping two geeky couples to have their wedding day FREE OF CHARGE (or sort of)

Michael: We are geeks at heart. That is one of the big things I love about her! We can spend the whole weekend in bed with our laptops going and the TV on. We send IM's to each other when we are just a room away. I sometimes find out stuff from her blog before she even tells me! We spend so much time online that if our friends hear we are having a completely broadcast wedding they wouldn't flinch, but our family might be a different story LOL!

They are so excited about it because if they won it it means their wedding will be streamed live on the Internet by PayPerPost Wedding isn't that cool ?

Whats cool about their relation background is that they were close for 17 years! But they didn't get to know each other until they both moved to Monrovia, is that what we call the The luck in finding your soul mate ?

Again, I ask you guys to read their amazing story and to vote for them

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