Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Reconciliation please

BBC - Saddam Hussein has urged Iraqis to seek reconciliation, two days after being sentenced to death by hanging for crimes against humanity.


What do you think would happen if Saddam got back his access to presidency? doesn't matter how, I just wonder what would the current Iraqi government personnel do, do you think they will stay in Iraq and keep fighting against him or they will just run away?

What they were fighting for in the first place? Were they fighting for Iraq or for their own good ? I'm not Pro-Saddam in any mean at least because he pushed Iraqis to war after war since he become president not to mention his crimes against humanity or actually against people whom he should protect not intimidate.

Bush's war in Iraq didn't make the situation any better, Iraqis had one Saddam but now thousands of Saddmies with hundreds of crimes against humanity everyday, One should be happy for Saddam's verdict result but what next?

I'm all to sentence Saddam to death and would love it if they make it in public so we can watch him dying, I really would like to watch the checkmate but Iraqis now have to think of what next?

Congratulations Arab.

Via Sandmonkey Via Cairo Freeze

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