Friday, November 3, 2006

PPP Discussion forums

A good place to find an answer for most of your questions about PPP would be their discussion forum, community aspect are vital in our daily online life and since I write posts of PPP opportunities I appreciate and love the community aspect of it

If you have a question about PayPerPost, opportunities or how things works you should take few minutes and check their discussion forum.

Whats interesting about discussion forums is that you may find many of your questions answered by the community who experienced same issue on, after couple of minutes in the forum I found that many people don't understand what is PR (Page Rank) and many nice people in the forums helped them in explaining it, explaining why it's important for the advertiser and how to check your web site PR.

take a minute and check PayPerPost discussion forums.

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  1. wasn't that Point to Point Protocol? hmmm

  2. Ya Jad, someday you can write a book for us who don't know what all these initials stand for. Minnak 3atallum, xaalto!