Wednesday, November 29, 2006

How to steal roba's laptop ?

*Evil grin* Muaaaahahahahah!
Now I know how to steal Roba's laptop!

[tags] andfaraway, laptop, fingerprint, verification [/tags]


  1. How about chicken fingers if I did it ?

  2. Man, - no need to go finger printing fancy swanzy, - why not just ask her Politely (bribe her if necessary, I can give hints;)), and if she says NO, then, either chop off those fingers & use them (she'll get mad though), OR, just replace the HDD, as usually those laptop integrate the fingerprint with the OS, and not the BIOS....there are a few other things you can do, and don't worry, can easily pull out the data, and snoop snoop on Roba...:)

    - Ps: Jado, leave those chicken fingers alone, you're into fish fingers.....

    (whispering note to Roba: drop me a note, and I can give you hints and tips on how to stop Jad from approaching your laptop, or your safe, you can kick his butt easy)

    Evil-Evil-Evil grin Muaaaahahahahah!