Friday, November 3, 2006

Faisaallllllllliiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! HHOOOO HOO

Faisali is the champ!

Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Cup

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  1. The game was like a horror movie. So tense and the end was happy. However, Al Faisali should be ashamed of letting in 4 goals. This heavy defeat takes a lot of the glory off the win.

  2. As a lifelong faisali fan who witnessed an 8-3 win over il Shabbab from UAE and similar more impressive wins against teams not from India and Maldives, I hope we can compete with the real clubs (See Al Karameh from Syria)

  3. abu shreek, it was 7-2 and not 8-3 :D
    best game ever, jiries with the hatrick in the second half