Friday, November 3, 2006

Even crows in Japan are smart

Many of us would agree that Japanese are way smarter than the rest of us and we can give many reasons starting from genetic up to their environment, education, income and for sure their decision to be reputable nation.

I'm Interested in Japanese cultural and history and when I talk with Bezmo about Japan (he's half Japanese) I feel I want to start crying and shouting I WANT TO GO THERE NOW NOW NOW! I WANT MY CANDY!

I've been reading about Japanese cultural and history for weeks now and today I stumbled upon this video where its showing that some crows in Japan come up with a clever way to eat food that they naturally wouldn't be able to.

I don't know if crows are smart everywhere but I guess it has something to do with Japan and Japanese people hehe

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  1. How in the world.. Wow even crows are smart in Japan!