Saturday, November 4, 2006

Angela - The Muslim

What I like about this video is her insistence to keep her name because most converters I've seen or read about usually think that they have to change their name into Arabic one and their life style into Arabic life style (Time is nothing)
It's really interesting to see such people and I'd love to see such people helping in changing Middle eastern mentalities, they have the open cultural and the religion
I bit it's easier to let anyone convert from religion to another but not Arab to value time or actually anything heh.

On the other hand this proves that Hijab has nothing to do with the look and feel of girls, Angela looks sexy with and without Hijab, the problem in Arab girls who looks fat and ugly with and without Hijab.

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  1. i saw many videos of her and i liked also how she kept her name.. and how she talks about islam is really amazing.. there was that video where they ask her about islamic extremists and those who bomb themselves and she said that they are not right because they giving bad image about my religion" its amazing how she's attached to it ..