Monday, November 6, 2006

Aljazeera using Israeli Satellite connection

We heard many conspiracy about Al-jazeera's connection and I guess that all of your questions about Al-jazeera might be valid because it doesn't sounds logical that they are anti-Israel and Anti-USA but they still using Israeli Satellite.

I know business is business especially when it comes to real big fat business like Aljazeeras and a Satellite provider but big business can't be clean usually, actually I have never heard of big fat business without many conspiracies around it and it become so common to hear a news about polluted big fat business.

But who can circulate a conspiracy around the world or circulate it's opposite ? yes it's media indeed so how the situation can be if the big far business are media by itself ?

I don't know the answer.

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  2. Two points to be tackled here Jad, the pragmatic commercial decision made by Al-JAzeera to utilize this israeli company's service and the fact that it's labeled as an anti-american anti-israeli orgnization.

    as for the latter, Al-Jazeera never claimed being so, they usually tend to make it explicitly clear that they try to adhere to a some utopian code of professional journalism that offers a balanced & unbiased view to the Arab viewer.

    debatable? that's for sure, but at least they never endorse any of the heretical labels touted upon them!

    as for this company itself, a quick look at their service portfolio, it seems Al-Jazeera utilizes their SNG for their corrospandants deployed in occupied Palestine, west-bank and Gaza, i think that's fair, no? given that they probably have no other option, like using the XPress-like walkie-talkie & mobile service offered by MIRS.

    what's far more interesting is to see that Arabsat offers this company bandwidth and uplink/downlink services, this is something to think about!