Monday, October 30, 2006

Yet another bug

A bugs free software is just a dream, I aware of that, I believe in that and that settle.

I also can't claim that Free Software are bugs free but people behind Free Software aren't changing you with BIG FAT cheque and they don't ask you every year to pay more and more, Basically they do free software you use it, report bugs they fix it, this is the cycle and everyone is happy!

I wonder how one can be happy when he pay lots of money to get crappy software from a company people look at it in respect because it is the the biggest one in the market no in the world.

Yet another bug has been found in Microsoft's recently-released Internet Explorer 7 browser. The software giant is downplaying the flaw, which security experts say allows hackers to "spoof" Web addresses.

I know there are many bugs in Firefox and in any Free Software but they are less and not crucial ones, Thanks god I'm not a windows loser.

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