Monday, October 23, 2006

Thoughts on Eid

What's going on in Jordanian blogospher are really funny, People don't understand the basic of Why do we announce Eid or Ramadan and they still nagging why we do follow Saudi Arabia in Pilgrimage and we don't do that in Ramadan ..

Ok, Let me unleash my wisdom and explain some facts to you guys

In Islam we do fast when we see the moon in it's lunar shape (Helal) this is what every country have to do, regardless of any neighbour country, If you see the Helal you do fast else you don't and if you see it you celebrate the eid else you don't.
Again we do fast based on moon shapes NOT based on any country or anyone opinion, this is the norm of Hijri Calendar.

Why we do follow Saudi Arabia in Pilgrimage (Thu Al-Heja Month) and not in other months?
Basically because we have to follow their time zone just because we are going to Mecca and Mecca aren't coming to us :D
If you are flying to the state now you will have to synchronize your time based on their time not your time and this because YOU are going to that country.

The only note is that all Hijri calendar get synchronized in Pilgrimage month (Thu Al-Hija) so all of them have same day of 1 of the month and this happen only in this month not the ones before nor after.

Many of you aren't aware in the fact that Saudi Arabia did mistake before two years and they had to pay ...... (Kafara) for their mistake in monitoring the moon shapes and this year many of the daily newspaper that they fall in same mistake this year also) but now the mistake isn't fixable because they cannot fast more than 30 days as Ramadan month can't be 31 days and today is the 30th of Ramadan in Saudi Arabia.

but Khalida still wondering...

I think we should follow them for everything else? why does each country search for its own Hilal? or is this applicable only for ramadan and the rest of the year, we follow KSA??

We do search for our own Lunar shape of the moon because it can be lunar in some parts in the world while it has other shapes in the other parts and YES this is applicable for all months except the the Pilgrimage month (Thu Al-Hija) just for the sake of Pilgrimage synchronizations and because people are travelling to Mecca, HOWEVER it is not a must to synchronize our time in Pilgrimage month but we have to do Pilgrimage according to their time and date not ours.

It might be hard to get it just because we aren't used to use Hijri Calendar, we are more used to Georgian calendar but we still should know the basics of Hijri Calendar.

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  1. I didn't nag! I simply said that our mufti does a drama show rather than an announcement. Read ya zalameh, read :P

  2. Ballah sho?
    Ya3ny inta hek 7allalt to support the idea? ... you just proved that it does not make sense ... LOL

    I still believe that with the modern science and equipment ... the lunar argument should not even be mentioned .. and if they are depending on human eye .. then they should not be mentioning the great equipment and the telescope .. la w yefarjona eyah on TV ... ya zalameh they can see el mareekh via this telescope .. ma gedro yeshofo el gamar? sho? labes 6agyet el ekhfa??


  3. Kinzi,
    Happy eid to you to khalto :D

  4. Kol 3am o inta bi alf khair o ramadan mobarak 3alaikom inshalla :)

  5. Bakkouz,
    O enta bekhair :D get me some sweet today wala!

    I also have to agree with Roba, else she will use her new RED high heels to hit me.

  6. kol 3am o inta b5'air jad basha

  7. Happy eid o taqabala allah al ta3at :)


  8. Kol 3am o enta bekhair Jad o yen3ad 3aleek :) ..

    And very interesting logic wallahe .. I am somehow convinced !

  9. and i like the way you proved it :D lol so people stop nagging as Jad said :p