Friday, October 6, 2006

God is on the Pirates side!

Lightning destroys evidence in file sharing case ? What are you saying? hmm, do I have to repeat it, GOD is on the pirates side, YES :-)
the infamous site The Pirate Bay and the organization behind the site was facing lots of troubles in their file sharing case.

It doesn't really matter if you think they are legal or illegal, it doesn't really matter if you believe they are illegal but sometimes we have to do illega stuff, your opinion doesn't really matter, what does really matter is.....

Few days ago Lightning destroys evidence!

The Register
Swedish authorities have dropped the charges they brought against the Karlskrona (Sweden) municipality head of culture, who last year openly admitted to file sharing and encouraged others to follow.

The decision suggests a divine judgement on the thorny issue of file-sharing - his computer was struck by lightning and cannot be examined.

Or at least that is what Ivar Wenster told the police.

"They laughed when I told them," he told Swedish site The Local. According to Wenster his computer completely burnt out this summer. "It was my children's and wife's pc too."

Last year Wenster openly admitted in an article in Blekinge Läns Tidning that he downloads music from the internet without paying for it shortly after the raids on The Pirate Bay, one of the world's largest sources of unauthorised copies of films and music.

"There's a fundamental hypocrisy around these issues," he argued. He also encouraged others with established positions in society to reveal that they're file sharing, in order to make the industry “rethink its position”.

When downloads became illegal in Sweden in July 2005, Wenster immediately reported himself to the police, hoping it would lead to discussion. He risked two years in jail under the new Swedish copyright laws.

Despite the tradegy with his PC, Wenster is determined to keep file sharing on the agenda

What I can say ? congratulations Pirate Bay :-)

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