Thursday, September 28, 2006

Are you creative ?

In Jordan we have a strict regulations when it comes to car plates because they want a unified readable car plate so it's easy to get the number whenever you need it.

Lots of guys in Jordan tries re-innovate (LoL) their car plates and I guess we have seen plenty of weird looking plates, Some are well designed ( and I wonder why the police don't adapt the good design) and some are sucks and meant to fool people or police if they tried to read the number...

Nevertheless, all Jordanian tries was never series at least because they try to avoid the big fat fine not to mention that Jordanian aren't as creative as Lebanese people and that's why Jordanians are the second or the third people in advertising business in Middle East and sure Lebanese on the top in that market.

But why Lebanese? Can't we be creative as they are ? let's take a closer look on car plates as a case study (LoL) see how creative they are!


I guess if they allow us to do the same in Jordan as in Quebec, we would do better and if you are a regular visitor of Talasim then you know what I mean, or you take a look

Now let's compare Jordanian creativity with the Quebec Lebanese one

So, Are we creative ?

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