Tuesday, August 8, 2006

PHP5 Certification exam

I just came back from the test centre; The exam was really great and joy to take, all topics were equally covered but if you are planning to book then I'd suggest not to make a general read but read in details about everything even stuff you aren't likely to use or you are not used to use in your daily dose of code.

Lots of questions were PHP5 only or PHP4/5 differences and some other questions were like if suddenly someone open the door and shout HEY, WHAT'S YOUR NAME and then you panic and forget your name! and actually I felt like if someone going to pop up from the screen and shout; especially because I felt guilty for not remembering the answer.

In conclusion the exam is nothing scary but you still need to read in details about every topic in the list.

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  2. I found my way here via JordanPlanet, and wanted to tell you that this post makes me laugh. Thank you.

    (I'm a Firefox user, myself...)

  3. Syntux.net: PHP5 Certification Exam...


  4. How is this exam in comparison to the PHP 4? Is it worth a complete re-take of the exam or are there duplicate topics covered in the same manner?