Sunday, July 2, 2006

Zend Framework 0.1.4 released

The Zend Framework community has released another preview release adding new components into the core, increasing the number of nascent incubator components, and now providing the manual in 10 languages. Along with the 0.1.4 release comes a new end-user community wiki, development wiki, issue tracker, changeset browser, and other infrastructure changes to help the community track the progress and be involved in the project.

A special ?Thanks? goes out to all contributors for both the release and working through the infrastructure changes for the working project. We received a great number of contributions for code, documentation, translations, testing, feedback and help migrating from our old systems to the new.
The release can be downloaded from the Zend Framework Web Site.
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  2. The Zend Framework is a step forward for PHP. Most people are developing quite hap-hazardly and as projects begin to grow, problems begin to emerge.
    The Harro Team