Sunday, July 23, 2006

stop staring at my boobs! - This photograph hardly needs a caption. But it captures an interesting culture clash, and the UAE Minister being interviewed certainly finds himself caught between two worlds.


I guess she could have stopped him only for $19.99 if she was wearing this t-shirt

UPDATE: According to wael: bekoon 7mar etha ma bet-6ala3

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  1. You do really use the tag "boobs"? I am amazed at the diversity of your blog.

  2. Well, I can't see why not use boobs as a tag? especially when the boobs is what the post about not to mention that it's a fact that the minister was staring at the girl boobs, so it's all about the boobs.

    anyway, I think the diversity is in my thoughts which reflected on my blog.

  3. dude u said "boobs" more times in the comment that in the post !!

  4. al,
    just to stress on the fact that boobs exists in real life and it's not taboo to mention them at the same time of discussing religious or political issues.

  5. My sympathies are with the minister. What guy, with cleavage in his face, is going to resist the urge to look? I doubt that even the Pope or the Dalai Lama could resist a quick peek.

  6. hehehehe
    culture shock... too much to handle????
    Good one...

  7. look at the guys expression n gestures...its like he's saying...what can i possibly doo?!!
    im always wondering how people like "HER" feel....

  8. now i just know how our disission comes !

  9. I thought muslims were not allowed to look at such things :P