Friday, July 28, 2006

I forgot my brother!

Sorry Sorry my dear brother! I forgot to celebrate you in my blog
Raja2i, my brother got 90.6!

One more time! fireworks!

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  1. mabroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook

    o lal sobe7 :)

  2. ya3ni law ana a'7ook, ba7qed 3alaik :P

  3. aywa nerdish family.. my cousin ayah got 90.7 she's smart..

  4. Guys,

    My cousine got 90 something and I will have to go and visit and bring a gift or ngoo6.

    Something bothers me though, I fail to see the big deal. Whats the big deal??!!

    Sure 10, 20 years ago Tawjihi on its own could get you a job. And 30-40 years ago may have given you an exclusive status as a member of the tawjihi club.

    But no tawjihi nowadays is just slightly better than can-read-and-right if better at all in terms of employment and knowledge. Especially with everything revolving around PC/Windows knowledge in todays business.

    Can anyone enlighten me?

  5. When I got 92 in Tawjeehi few years back, My father said: Allah Yikhzeek!
    My neighbor (elli kont babasbes 3alaiha instead of studying) got 98.3 And I was ashtar minha :(
    Anyway ... what was I trying to say here?
    Ahhh ... Alf mabrook ... sorry... too much emotions

  6. how could you forget him?! mabrook raja2i :)

  7. 3ogbal el far7a el akbar ya rab :)

    P.S : Sorry but the escalation level of the "3ogbal" never stops in Jordan, even if you got a post-doctorate in Nuclear Physics specializing in the speed of dark !

  8. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay mabroook!! :)

  9. Congradulations man, I hope he will not spend 8 years in Uni. like ..... someone did

  10. mashallah 3leh wallah , mabrook :)