Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Amman Summer Festival Videos

For the first time in my life I feel like I want to huge Amman's mayor and thank him for the well organized event in Amman, The event was more than great in term of organizing the entrance and the show of Jordanian Traditional dance/music and The Roman Gladiators show.

iJordan team did great job, they are well trained and very polite and helpful team which I think the main reason of having such well organized event.

There is no much to tell about the event itself as I was busy watching and recording but it's a must attend kind of show, if you didn't go yet you must reschedule your summer plans.

One more thing, I decided to buy a small and handy video camera instead of using my digital camera to take video shots, any advise would be appreciated.



The Roman Gladiators Prisoners fight for life?they got another name but I forgot it :D

The Roman Gladiators

Finally the show was really great but it would have greater if I had a decent video camera.

NOTE: You can view or download all videos (almost 250MB) of Jordanian traditional dance and the roman gladiators show by visiting my Jordanian traditional dance series OR download them

Same applies to The Roman Gladiators series OR download them

Finally, ohh it's the second finally in this post anyway, Finally special thanks to Amman Municipality for making this event and for choosing a decent event management company like iJordan and thanks to Veoh for making video blogging easier and pleasurable experience .

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  1. http://www.sabrihakim.com/archive/2006/7/74015.html

    see how jordanian predators entertain themselvs with the misery of poor children.

  2. Just today i saw an ad on the road for Aqaba. considering the fact that i live in Lebanon, which is being bombed as i write, i laughed when i saw the ad, it was so ironic the ad for vacation and travel while all this destruction was around. i was thinking of visiting Aqaba this yr, do some diving, but roads are all bombed, we r without work, so this leaves us DEFINILTELY in this country for quite some time after this is all over, if it will b over.

    But yeah i do like the campaign done for jordan. hope next yr will b even better.