Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Long live piracy!

I'm a big fan of pirate bay website as it's one of the very few sites that provides a verified torrents, guys behind that website believe the net should give people free access to media files.(Thumps up!) I really wish I could fly and protest with them.
Swedish piracy row gathers peace

The row between supporters of a Swedish website accused of piracy and the nation's authorities is escalating.

A raid on The Pirate Bay site by Swedish police is thought to have been the catalyst for hack attacks on official websites.

The attacks are being investigated by the Swedish security service, its domestic intelligence agency.

Protesters took to the streets of Stockholm on Saturday to show their support for the BitTorrent search site.

Read full article at BBC

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  1. I know but it's not necessary that all bad is just bad.
    Most of the world software aren't for us, we aren't even a market place for software vendors and few people can afford and willing to pay for licensed software.

    In software I try not to use any proprietary software and I guess I've never used any since ages (except IE for testing) but in Movies field I really cannot afford purchasing any original DVD and I cannot afford watching every movie at theater but I can easily fetch all movies I want from the net.

  2. You can justify it all you like. Doesn't make it right.
    I also believe software should be free, like water, air, education, food ...etc. But till all of those become free, we can't take the work that took people years of thier lives and just conveniently enjoy it for free.
    The arabic region is a MAJOR growing software market. Just look at all the companies doing thier best to support arabic. The only thing stopping the rest is ..... yes you guessed it right, PIRACY!
    When anyone steals a copy of software, he's depriving others from getting that software because companies move away from trying to support a highly pirate-infested country
    Anyway, I don't want to give a lecture here... :) Piracy=bad ;-)